BMW may outsell Lexus, Mercedes-Benz in 2011

BMW has been selling vehicles like hotcakes – so much so that the German automaker may pass its two largest competitors – Mercedes-Benz and Lexus – for the first time since 1997. For the first six months of 2011, BMW has outsold Mercedes and Lexus and may beat the two in overall U.S. sales for 2011.

Which models are to be credited for this feat? The new 2011 BMW 5-Series and the new BMW X3.

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Through June, BMW sold a total of 113,705 units, an increase of 13 percent. Mercedes-Benz sold a total of 110,926 units, an increase of 7 percent, while Lexus sales fell to 88,010, a drop of 18 percent.

Later this year, BMW will add the new 2012 BMW 528i with all-wheel-drive and new 4-cylinder twin turbo engine. That will be joined by a 4-cylinder BMW Z4 and the new 2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe.

– By: Omar Rana