Nissan LEAF wins historic Pikes Peak in Electric Production Class

Nissan LEAF Pikes Peak

At the 89th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this past weekend, Nissan off-road truck racing champion Chad Hord and the electric Nissan LEAF made history as the first winners of the Electric Production Class.

The Nissan LEAF completed the run with a time of 14 minutes 33 seconds for the 12.42 mile run. In comparison, Monster Nobuhiro Tajima, who broke the record this past weekend, completed the run 9 minutes, 51.28 seconds.

The 12.42 mile course has 156 turns and begins at 9,390 feet and finishes at the 14,110 foot summit of Pikes Peak.

“The LEAF was great fun to drive up the mountain” said Hord. “With the instant torque from the electric motor we were able to jump out of the many slow corners and the performance was very consistent from the bottom to the top since the electric motor wasn’t affected by the high altitude near the summit like the gasoline powered cars.”

– By: Omar Rana