Subaru’s David Higgins sets Mt. Washington Hill Climb record

Subaru's David Higgins sets Mt. Washington Hill Climb record

Travis Pastrana last year (Sept. 2010) reached the 6,288 foot peak of Mt. Washington Auto Road in 6 minutes 20.47 seconds – beating the previous record by 20 seconds. Apparently that wasn’t a record breaking run after all. The original record was held by Frank Sprongl in 1998, which was just broken by David Higgins with an official time of 6 minutes and 11.54 seconds.

“It was a very big challenge because the road was still wet in spots and would turn very slick suddenly. With the clouds the visibility was so low I could hardly see past the hood of my car,” explained Higgins. “Our Subaru is setup perfectly for a road like this but I have never raced here before and it was a lot of work to try to learn the course. It’s fantastic to have the record at such a prestigious event.”

For the record, Higgins also beat the unofficial record time set by Travis Pastrana last year of 6:20.47.

Higgins was driving his 2011 Subaru WRX STI rally car.

– By: Omar Rana