Video: Porsche Cayman rams Ferrari 360 at 2011 SuperGT in Malaysia

Porsche Cayman rams Ferrari 360 at 2011 SuperGT in Malaysia

Track days involving private cars and drivers are always entertaining, but not just from the fact that you can drive your car around an enclosed circuit to the best of your ability. The other entertainment also comes from the stupidity of those who are incapable of handling the car that they bought to use.

At last weekend’s 2011 SuperGT race on the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, several incidents involving a decent number of expensive cars caught some attention.

The first accident involved a giant-winged Porsche Cayman, who’s driver decided to be a little reckless during the participant exhibition stage prior to the race. As the cars pulled in front of the spectator stands, the Porsche driver chose to show off his car but during the process, rear-ended a Ferrari 360. That triggered a chain reaction as the Ferrari 360 then bumped another Ferrari, a silver California that was infront of it.

The second accident involved a decked-out Lamborghini Murcielago and a BMW M5 as they were chasing each other during the race.

To see the accidents, watch the video and fast-forward to 52 seconds to see the beginning of the madness.

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– By: Chris Chin

Source: CarScoop