Magnat Snowmobile Porsche 911 GT3 gets 456-hp

Magnat Snowmobile Porsche 911 GT3

The Porsche 911 GT3 has been tuned by Magnat, adding some interior luxuries to the race track ready vehicle.

The outside of the car gets a crisp coat of while paint, hence it’s “Snowmobile” nickname. Apart from that and the contrasting black racing stripe, little else was modified on the exterior.

Visual interior upgrades include Alcantara, leather, and high gloss painted trim. Diamond patterns are set in the inlays on the seats and door panels. But the 2,100-watt sound system is is perhaps the most major upgrade, with custom modifications to all of the speakers and a down-fire 10″ sub woofer.

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Performance enhancements have not been left out, of course, and include an upgraded ECU and sport exhaust system installed by Wimmer RS. The end result is a 456-hp and 333 lb-ft of torque motor that moves at a top speed of 197 mph.

Magnat Snowmobile Porsche 911 GT3:

Magnat Snowmobile Porsche 911 GT3 Magnat Snowmobile Porsche 911 GT3 Magnat Snowmobile Porsche 911 GT3 Magnat Snowmobile Porsche 911 GT3

Press Release:


That a Porsche GT3 – since 1999 built in first generation 911 Porsche sport version with water-cooled engine (now it is available in 4th generation!) – ever and always may be found on race tracks, was possibly planned by the manufacturer; but, otherwise, this does not apply at all to the successor of the legendary Carrera RS, which conception was also focused on essential things only. Presented in the following example of an unblemished driving machine shows perfectly that a “snow mobile” (so called because of its white car body painting) may also be provided with a first class car Hi-Fi equipment.

Thanks to the motor electronics adaptation, the modified exhaust system including sport catalysts and suction tubes optimization – all coming from Wimmer racing sport techniques in Solingen, Germany, and is called RS step 3 – the GT3 has been pepped up to a power performance of 462 hp, max torque of 451 Nm and Vmax of 317 km/h (197 m/h).

The wheel-tire-combination Ultraleggera HLT CT by OZ in 8.5 and 12×19 in. with Yokohama Advan Sport in 235/35-19 and 305/30-19 provides perfect contact with asphalt.

Individuality in the interior. Magnat has re-engineered the whole internal space of the car in finest craftsmanship and highest quality. Leather, Alcantara and high gloss paintwork let the GT3 shine in its unique design, the dynamic diamond patterns setting sportive and, in the same time, exclusive accents.

The 2,100 watts sound system has been adapted by Magnat especially for the GT3 interior. The original loud speaker brackets have been technically overhauled, offering sensibly better sound blasting qualities in comparison to the serial sound installation. There have been employed Magnat Selection series loud speakers, letting the inner space sound like a concert hall because of their anodized PP membranes, high performance voice coils and the 1″ textile tweeters. Especially for the GT3, Magnat has developed a down-fire subwoofer casing with 10″ woofer. Normally, this woofer principle is being used only for high quality home cinema installations, but it matches fine with the impressionating sound acoustics. The heart of the sound equipment is formed by the Magnat Black Core 5 channel amplifier providing its total power of 2,100 watts for sufficient power reserves and music pleasure while enjoying to drive the GT3.
According to an old German, it is a sound that makes music. Besides, it is justifiable to say: It is a fine Magnat sound that makes music…

– By: Alexandra Koken