New study by Ford finds 42% look at fuel-economy when buying new vehilce

2012 Ford Focus

It’s unfortunate that in this day and age, us drivers are always on edge keeping a big eye on the ever so fluctuating gas prices. So it should be no surprise that average consumers these days are highly favored and considered “extremely important.”

A new study conducted by Maritz Research in conjunction with Ford’s 2011 research and sales trend, showed that 42% of the people surveyed stated that fuel economy is a very important contributing factor when considering a new 2011 automobile, a 13.5% increase from 10 years ago. Simultaneously, 37% of those people said that fuel economy will have “the greatest impact” on their consideration for a new vehicle.

“Customers are telling us clean and green vehicles matter most because they are good for people’s wallets and good for our planet,” said Mark Fields, Ford president of The Americas during a press conference when revealing the statistics from the Maritz study. “We hear what they are saying, and that is why Ford is absolutely committed to giving our customers vehicles with top fuel efficiency.”

And while you would think that these consumers would beeline it for the compact markets, the study showed that fuel economy is important in all market segments. For some more numbers, fuel economy was the primary reason as to why compact cars became the top in consideration in 2011, up to 21% from fourth in consideration, in 2001 or 14% of the people. A similar hike in fuel economy importance was also found in larger cars, sports utilities, and even sports cars.

– By: Chris Chin