Videos: Lexus launches ‘Engineering Amazing’ ad campaign

Lexus LFA - Engineering Amazing

Lexus has just launched an all new campaign promoting its visionary engineering techniques. The new advertising shows that Lexus isn’t looking to predict the future, they are inventing it themselves, using the tagline “Engineering Amazing”.

Dave Nordstrom, VP of marketing for Lexus remarks “This isn’t just a campaign, it’s a statement that, for Lexus, the best is yet to come. It’s not about simply making incremental strides and improvements, but about taking giant leaps in innovation.”. He further elaborates that “The first evidence of this came with the recent unveiling of our LF-Gh hybrid concept car.” The vehicle, which made its global debut at the New York Auto Show, represents an entirely new design approach for Lexus—one that is bold, aggressive and evolved.”

Lexus is planning to advance further still, looking to develop technology that will be relevant several decades from now.

One of the ads shows a Lexus driving through a huge wall built entirely of glass beakers that contain all of the known fuel sources, that an LS 600h then crashes through. The speaker then chimes in that “Lexus Hybrid Drive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet, even those we don’t know about yet.”

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The other ad of the two focuses its attention on the Lexus Driving Simulator, showing viewers dramatic displays of its capabilities.

Expect to see this campaign running through January 2012 on most major cable networks, and ESPN and ESPN2. Behind-the-scenes videos will also be available on amazing and There will also be ads in a variety of print media including National Geographic and Vogue, and billboard advertisements. Social media will of course play a role in the campaign with ads spanning all the popular sites. Lexus is even making a kiosk on site at dealers so consumers can check out in the showroom.

Engineering Amazing – A Future Powered by Hybrid:

Lexus Debuts Engineering Amazing:

2011 Lexus “The Hard Way” – Engineering Solutions:

Engineering Amazing – A New Era of Lexus Innovation:

– By: Alexandra Koken