Lamborghini to use Porsche platforms for SUV and sedan models

Lamborghini Estoque

Many of you many think Porsche and Lamborghini as supercar competitors – well, you’d be wrong. Both brands are from different ends of the spectrum but may soon be joining forces on share platforms.

According to a new report, Porsche is providing Lamborghini with a new platform that will underpin its 4×4 SUV model and Estoque sedan models. As Porsche moves to finalize its merger with Volkswagen Group owned Lamborghini, we’ll see many collaborations such as this one here.

Insiders suggest that Italian automaker plans on using the Porsche Cayenne platform for its 4×4 SUV model and the Porsche Panamera platform for the Lamborghini Estoque sedan.

“Ferrari can’t follow into this market, because it has no links to SUVs at all,” a source said. “Lamborghini is entirely credible as an SUV maker, but it can’t do it alone. And as Porsche has shown it already knows how to do it, it makes sense to work together.”

– By: Roman Bronfenbrener

Source: AutoExpress