London Mayor asks Obama to pay congestion charge for ‘The Beast’

President Barack Obama - Cadillac One

President Barack Obama’s Cadillac One, aka ‘The Beast,’ faced a couple of challenges during its trip to Europe. Not only did the vehicle get stuck coming out of the U.S. embassy in Dublin, London Mayor Boris Johnson has asked Obama to pay the congestion charge for his Cadillac.

Johnson told the Evening Standard newspaper that each car in the Obama’s motorcade will be billed $16. He said that he spoke to Obama about the U.S. embassy’s refusal to cash out $8.7 million in C-charge fines.

“Our roads were not closed during the President’s visit so his motorcade will pay,” Johnson said. “The Beast will pay the charge, I’m delighted to say. We didn’t charge the Pope when he was here because all the roads were closed, so the Popemobile was exempt. But this was different.”

The unpaid C-charge bill is from Obama’s visit during a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

“We had a very friendly conversation. Suffice to say discussions will be ongoing, ” Johnson said.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AFP