Survey says: More than one in five Americans can’t drive

Pass - Fail road signAmerica is known to have some of the worst drivers. And well, plain and simply, more than one in five Americans or an odd 36.9 million are not fit to drive and are at high risk of failing a driving test, according to a recent survey conducted by GMAC Insurance.

Despite these words, the bright side to this is that the amount of people is less than last year’s 38 million and average score of 76.2%. This year’s grade score is 77.9%.

Now this doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve driven in a good amount of states and have seen some awful driving and these numbers represent why. The results translate into lack of basic driving knowledge, which can lead to ignorance and bad driving habits.

One of the examples shared by GMAC was that nearly 85% of the people were unable to choose what to do when approaching a steady yellow traffic light.

And guess what, GMAC even suggests to avoid the usual stereotypes of young people, women and other motorists in the Northeast. Does this surprise any of you? Didn’t think so.

As for some more statistical stuff, 27% if women failed their test while white males—yes specifically white males—had a failure rate of 13.6%. Growing up in New Jersey, this seems oddly relatable!

Drivers in the Midwest faired better while us Northeasterners scored the lowest with the worst actually being Washington D.C.

This survey is conducted annually as the GMAC Insurance National Drivers test, polling 5,130 licensed drivers in all 50 states including the District of Columbia with a 20-question test based on the state’s DMV exams.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CNNMoney