Ford working car-to-car communication with talking vehicles

Ford Car-to-Car

Ford for Europe is working on a new technology that enables two S-Max MPVs communicating within each other to relay safety information. Known as CoCarX (Co-operative Cars Extended), the technology is focused around improving road safety and traffic management through in-car communication systems.

While BMW not too long ago introduced their left-turn assist system and their car-to-car communication devices that told drivers when other cars are approaching, they have yet to demonstrate it. Ford is the first to have the systems functioning in two otherwise seemingly normal S-Max MPVs.

“The notion of talking cars may immediately bring to mind thoughts of children’s movies, but the reality is that vehicles capable of speaking the same language could result in significant safety and convenience benefits for drivers,” says Christian Ress, connectivity technical expert, global driver assistance and active safety.

The project has been in R&D since 2009 and at this event demonstrated their efforts, which include vehicle-to-vehicle warning systems that are designed to actively inform drivers of different, and changing traffic patterns and situations. For example, if one S-Max is ahead of the other S-Max by several cars and brakes hard, the following S-Max will display a warning. Other systems actively scan and literally “read” the road ahead with the use of the car’s onboard sensors, radar, light detection system, cameras, all of which work in conjunction with the stability and traction control and relay all of the information to other cars and vice-versa.

This new system adds to Ford’s already preexisting basket of safety features like Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Aid, Active City Stop, Driver Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Traffic Sign Recognition…whew, all of which are byproducts of the same efforts as this new car-to-car system.

By: Chris Chin