Video: Pakistan’s Hell Road is only for those that are willing to risk it all

Pakistan Hell Road

Bolivia’s Yungas road has always maintained the title as the world’s most dangerous. However, on the complete opposite side of the planet lies another one in the nation of Pakistan.

Not only is it twice the length of Bolivia’s road plus some, Pakistan’s Lowari Pass is a 149 mile (versus 61 mile) supply artery to a large number of small towns and villages in the Chitral Valley.

Riding along the Afghan border, truckers drive this road to make a measly wage that’s the equivalent of $60 US with a bonus of $180 US, that is if they survive with their cargo intact.

And it’s just a double whammy considering that a good amount of the trucks are nearing the one-million kilometer mark so they’re old, rickety, and driving on this deathly road that has avalanches, landslides, and falling rocks as imminent threats. It can take as long as four-days to drive the entire distance of the Lowari Pass. In many sections, the road shrinks to just one-lane.

The highest point at the Lowari Pass is 10,170 feet in elevation, which is higher than some ski resorts and brakes like to overheat when travelling down that sort of vertical decline.

Check out the video from Al Jazeera as they do a feature Pakistan’s Hell Road.

– By Chris Chin

Source: Al Jazeera (via CarScoop)