BMW Track Trainer car teaches you how to drive by driving itself

BMW Track Trainer

Programmers have been looking to beat the human brain in a number of ways. Succeeding at games, such as chess, is one thing, but what about racing a car? BMW built one that can beat all but the best drivers.

The cars intentions are to teach student drivers where it is best to break, apexes, and how to optimize throttle usage.

The programmed BMW 330 can take laps in times as low as the mid-1:50’s on the tracks it has a brain for. Each available track has been programmed by a professional driver. The car can steer, break and accelerate all on its own. To achieve its abilities BMW uses the driver data plus GPS, cameras, programmed ECU data and dead reckoning.

As for the success rate 12,000 miles of testing later and the car has a squeaky-clean record. Manual override is still an option for the student behind the wheel of the vehicle.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoWeek