Honda’s Mugen Euro wants to do high-performance Fit

Honda Fit Mugen

Honda’s UK-based performance tuning division Mugen Euro has admitted to wanting to develop a high-performance version of the Jazz/Fit. The brand, which is responsible for the upcoming supercharged CR-Z hybrid said they’ve been yearning to do a hot version of the Fit.

Currently, Mugen offers styling packages for the Jazz in Japan, where the car is known as the Fit. However, performance increases are small.

Mugen Euro’s management says that to achieve a nice performance gain, it could tap into the CR-Z’s supercharged hybrid powerplant – or a normally aspirated 2.0L VTEC unit used in the last Civic Type R.

“Always in the back of our mind as a car that we’d like to do is the Jazz,” said Mugen Euro’s general manager Colin Whittamore.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar