U.S. to release new fuel-efficiency stickers on Wed.

U.S. Letter Grade Fuel-Efficiency Sticker

In attempts to better include the green vehicles, a new fuel-efficiency sticker was proposed to the Obama administration based on a letter grade system. The sticker was rejected, as the federal government chose to go with a sticker more close in appearance to what is currently available.

The letter grade system used letters A through D to coincide with levels of fuel efficiency of any given model, including alternative-fueled ones. A would be the highest grade and would include only electric or gas-electric cars, and the best a gasoline vehicle can receive is a B+.

Despite critiques of the labels being confusing they still received the support of environmental groups because of how plainly it presented the greenhouse gas emissions of a single car.

New labels are set for release at some point next week, as the Transportation Department and EPA are currently working together to produce them.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: KickingTires