Report: BMW M working on exclusive mid-engine supercar

BMW M1 Concept

There are a lot of rumors about multiple projects surrounding BMW’s M-Division. That includes word of a 1-Series M-Convertible, an X3 M, and a new Z4 M. But what we just learned is that BMW could serious about producing an exclusive mid-engined car that could compete with the likes of either the Audi R8 or even the lesser Porsche Cayman.

According to an inside source within BMW, the engine canditates for the internally dubbed “M One” could either be the F30 M3’s turbocharged six-cylinder or the new F10’s twin-turbo V8. The most far-fetched, but still not extremely unlikely idea, is that BMW could be using their new sustainability programs as part of the R&D involved with this potential new car and suggests that a twin-turbo three or four cylinder engine could also be a possibility.

Either way, BMW is planning the new 3-Series to be a “modular” architecture, which means much of its design can be shared with other platforms to keep costs down. That alone increases the possibility for such a car. Should it be a result of the efforts from BMW’s sustainability program and share technology with the i3 and the i8 or be a traditional gut-wrenching mid-engined super/sports car? Only time will tell.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BimmerFile