Google looking for help from Nevada for driverless cars

Google Driverless Car

Google has conquered by many sections of the technology arena, and is betting on some help from the state of Nevada to be a pioneer in yet another area; driverless cars.

Two bills are currently in front of the Nevada legislature that would provide for the licensing and testing of autonomous vehicles, and provide for an exemption from the ban on distracted driving in order to allow a driver to send text messages from behind the wheel. A vote is expected as early as June.

According to Google, it has already test-driven such driverless cars over the course of more than 140,000 miles of California roadway, including the well-known Highway 1, which spans from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Those cars were manned however, with a driver ready to take over if something were to go awry.

Some proponents of Google’s technology in Nevada envision an implementation in the form of automated taxis on the Vegas strip.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: AutoObserver