Video: Bringing a 975,000 lbs Boeing 747 to stop from 200 mph on the runway

Boeing 747

So you think your brakes are the best brakes around? Whatever kind of beefy brakes you have on your car, they can never come close to the ones that stop a Boeing 747 plane. While you’re worried bringing about 3,500 – 4,000 pounds to stop from 60 mph, Boeing engineers are worried about bringing almost a million pounds to stop from 200 mph with their carbon brakes.

Last month, Boeing set out to test the brakes on the 800-passenger plane. The company used brakes that were 100 percent worn out, packed the plane to get up 975,000 pounds, accelerated to 200 mph and then had the pilot slam on the brakes.

Here’s what happened….

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– By: Omar Rana