Buick China sales surpass 3 million since 1999

Buick Envision Concept
Buick Envision Concept

Shanghai GM has announced that sales of Buick vehicles have surpassed 3 million units since the joint venture began offering the brand in China in 1999.

“Buick has become one of China’s fastest-growing passenger car brands,” GM said in a statement. “With Shanghai GM’s rollout of its new Buick brand strategy in 2008, sales have increased by more than 100,000 units annually.”

Shanghai GM said it has introduced the Buick Intelligent Performance (BIP) system, which merges European-style suspensions and powertrains with American vehicle communication systems. It said that the adoption of technologies such as intelligent direct injection has greatly improved the efficiency of Buick products built and sold in China.

Buick currently has more than 400 4S stores in China.

At the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show, Buick unveiled the Envision Concept,Β which it said hints at a future SUV for the Chinese market.

Buick Envision Concept:

Buick Envision Concept Buick Envision Concept Buick Envision Concept Buick Envision Concept

– By: Omar Rana