BMW X3 Games in Geneva start Thursday, winning team gets three BMW X3s

BMW X3 Games
BMW X3 Games

For those missing the thrill of a good sporting competition this year, with the next Olympics being a good year off, BMW has come to offer some relief with its BMW X3 games in Geneva, Switzerland.

The competition features entrants from 19 European countries who will compete in a multi-sport amateur competition. Each team is comprised of three athletes, and the winning team will receive a brand new BMW X3 for each member. Over 15,000 teams registered for a drawing starting in November, and 52 teams of 3 were chosen to compete.

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The games however, are not reminiscent of your mere triathlon; there is also an artistic demonstration required, in which competitors must take photos dealing with the subjects of joy, dynamics, challenge, and aesthetics. A jury will reward the winner for each image category.

The BMW X3 Games are sponsored in partnership Sixt, K2, Kempinski, Peak Performance, and SAMSUNG.

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Refresher: The 2011 BMW X3 is available in the United States in two different models including the X3 xDrive28i and the X3 xDrive35i. The X3 xDrive28i is powered by a 3.0L inline 6-clyinder unit making 240-hp and 230 lb-ft of torque, allowing 0-60 mph to come in 6.7 seconds. The BMW X3 xDrive35i is powered by a 3.0L inline 6-clyinder N55 with direct fuel injection, twin-scroll turbo technology and Valvetronic. It makes 300-hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, allowing the 0-60 mph run to come in 5.5 seconds when fitted with the optional Sport Package. Both models are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Prices start at $37,625 for the 2011 BMW X3 xDrive28i and $41,925 for the X3 xDrive35i.

2011 BMW X3:

Press Release:

The stage is set for the BMW X3 Games in Geneva
Thrilling multi-sport competition for amateur sportsmen and women gets underway. Winning team can look forward to three BMW X3 cars

Munich/Geneva. An international line-up, featuring entrants from 19 European countries, is itching to get the BMW X3 Games started in Geneva (SUI). Following the official registration, the first events are scheduled for Thursday. The BMW X3 Games sees BMW organise a multi-sport event for ambitious amateur sportsmen and women for the first time. A spectacular prize awaits the winning team of three: each team member will receive a new BMW X3.

From mid November 2010, sportsmen and women have had the opportunity to register for the BMW X3 Games. Over 15,000 registrations are proof of the huge interest in this competition. A draw determined the 52 teams who will now do battle for overall victory until Saturday.

Versatility is the trump card at the BMW X3 Games: six challenging disciplines await the competitors. On Thursday they must demonstrate their talent running and on the golf course. Skiing and driving ability tests at the wheel of the BMW X3 are scheduled for Friday. On the final day, mountain biking and sailing will ultimately decide the overall winners.

The competitors must also demonstrate their creativity. In cooperation with Samsung, a partner of the BMW X3 Games, they must take photos dealing with the subjects of joy, dynamics, challenge and aesthetics as part of their “creative task”. The jury will reward the most impressive image in each field.

However, the attractive prize is not all the competitors in the BMW X3 Games can look forward to. The event also features some captivating venues. Whether skiing on the slopes of Mont Blanc or sailing on Lake Geneva: the BMW X3 Games is guaranteed to offer the lucky sportsmen and women an experience to remember.

Partners of the BMW X3 Games are: Sixt, K2, Kempinski, Peak Performance and SAMSUNG.

– By: Stephen Calogera