Clarkson offered to be public face of website that promotes ‘discreet affairs’

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson

After being accused of having an affair with a 43-year-old colleague while on tour, Jeremy Clarkson was asked to be the public face for an online dating service called Ashley Madison, which claims to be “the biggest dating website in the world for married people, who want to have discreet affairs.”

Clarkson is being offered a £1m contract to be the “British face of our business.”

“What he has or hasn’t allegedly done isn’t important, he has made discreet adultery a major talking point,” said a spokeswoman for the controversial site. But there’s much to argue against what Clarkson’s alleged offenses are, especially when being described as “discreet adultery” because it’s not exactly discreet when a simple Google search of “Jeremy Clarkson affair” yields nearly 457,000 results with pictures and a large number of eyewitness accounts of Clarkson at dinner with his colleague.

Clarkson has yet to make a statement about the situation as he is busy filming for the next season of Top Gear, which is due to be out sometime in June.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Guardian