Hyundai Blue2 Concept hints at future sedans from the brand

Hyundai Blue2 Concept
Hyundai Blue2 Concept

At the 2011 Seoul Motor Show, Hyundai is showing the new Hyundai Blue2 Concept Car – otherwise known as the HND-6. The concept is a mid-size FCEV that shows the blueprint for future sedans.

Taking Hyundai into a alternative-drivetrain territory, the Blue2 Concept Car is powered by a fuel cell electric system that delivers a stack power of 90kW (120-hp) allowing a fuel economy of 34.9km/l. To help increase fuel-economy, the Hyundai Blue2 Concept is equipped with low-resistance tires and alloy wheels designed to improve aerodynamic performance.

So will Hyundai build the Blue2? Not really. Hyundai says that the “Blue2 concept aims to satisfy all the senses of future drivers, including the air they breathe.”

We definitely will see some of the technology and design cues make it to future production Hyundai vehicles. Also, if you look closely the Blue2 Concept carries Genesis badging instead of Hyundai badging, meaning we’ll see most of what you see here carried over to future Genesis vehicles from Hyundai.

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Hyundai Blue2 Concept:

Hyundai Blue2 Concept Hyundai Blue2 Concept Hyundai Blue2 Concept Hyundai Blue2 Concept

Press Release:

At the 2011 Seoul Motor Show Hyundai Motor staged a world premiere of the Hyundai Blue2 concept car (codenamed HND-6), a mid-size FCEV which shows a blueprint for future sedans. The name ‘Blue2’ is a combination of Hyundai’s sub eco-brand ‘Blue Drive’ and the number `2′ from H2, the symbol for hydrogen gas.

Aiming at gaining early leadership of the FCEV market, Hyundai Blue2 concept is powered by a fuel cell electric system that delivers a stack power of 90kW (1.65kW/L) and fuel economy of 34.9km/l. The Blue2 is materialized in a sporty and luxurious style, a combination of futuristic, flowing designs and eco-friendly features. The Hyundai Blue2 concept is equipped with low-resistance tires and alloy wheels which are designed to improve aerodynamic performance, while the car’s interior design encompasses a futuristic look by using eco-friendly new materials.

Hyundai’s concept keywords for the exterior design are ‘Intersected Flow,’ featuring innovative and dynamic designs. The vehicle’s condition is visible via unique and futuristic images on the exterior of the car through outside LED screen panels, which are located on both the front and rear of the car. Blue2 also features a welcome system which recognizes the driver, while an automatic opening door system enhances the driver’s convenience. Conventional side mirrors are replaced by side cameras and a roof camera, offering a state-of-the-art driving environment.

The exterior designs flow inside the vehicle, with asymmetrically-designed dashboards and doors to optimize a driver’s convenience and add emotional value. Wider seats enable people to get in and out of the vehicle more comfortably.

Hyundai combined the cluster and center fascia, applying an advanced Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (TOLED) monitor and ultra-light tempered glass, called Gorilla® Glass, providing more accurate and vivid graphic information. The infotainment system is operated by a Motion Sensor Moustick, a haptic wheel and motion sensor that respond to the driver’s touch and hand movements, respectively, giving drivers a new experience.

Hyundai Blue2 concept aims to satisfy all the senses of future drivers, including the air they breathe: A cluster ionizer freshens the air inside the vehicle, while antibacterial genuine leather with leaf-shaped patterns, called ‘eco-graphic perforation,’ enhances an eco-friendly look and feel.

– By: Omar Rana