Poll: What should I buy? BMW M3 sedan or Cadillac CTS-V sedan

BMW M3 sedan vs. Cadillac CTS-V sedan
BMW M3 sedan vs. Cadillac CTS-V sedan

A very important decision maker here at egmCarTech can’t decide on what his next set of wheels should be – so he asked me if I would be so kind to take a break from everyday normal news and run a little poll. With that in mind, I’m reaching out to you egmCarTech visitors to help him decided between a 2011 BMW M3 sedan or a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V sedan?

Now before you jump up and say why is he purchasing a sedan instead of a coupe, you should know something about this man who shall remain nameless (his nickname is DD, or just Detour). He’s over 6-foot tall, has 3 kids and a wife, already owns a GMC Yukon Denali and is probably the biggest (craziest) BMW fan you’ll ever meet in your life.

So help DD decide. Should he let go of his BMW fandom and jump ship to a Cadillac CTS-V sedan? Or should he just go for the BMW M3 sedan and stay where he feels safe.

Side Note: He is also considering a BMW X6 with an M-Sport Package, you know, for family purposes. We’ll follow up in a couple of days and let you know what DD purchased.

Cast your vote below in the poll and please, hit the jump to leave a comment and elaborate – DD would love to hear back from you.

– By: Omar Rana