Video: Man’s 1974 Lamborghini Espada explodes, takes half his home with it

1974 Lamborghini Espada Explodes
1974 Lamborghini Espada explodes, takes half a home with it

A 51-year old man from Bloomfield Township lost half his home and his classic 1974 Lamborghini Espada in one shot. According to officials, the man was trying to start up his Lambo in the garage when it exploded and erupted into flames. Unfortunately, the man had just sold his house to a new owner a week ago,

The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined, but the man, his dog and his mother escaped the house unhurt.

This is what a Lamborghini Espada looks like before it explodes:

Lamborghini Espada
Lamborghini Espada

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– By: Omar Rana