Chrysler’s Los Angeles dealership is illegal?

Chrysler Motor Village, LA Dealership
Chrysler Motor Village, LA Dealership

The California New Car Dealers Association says Chrysler’s factory-owned dealership in Los Angeles is illegal. The association filed a petition on March 21 with California New Motor Vehicle Board calling for an investigation and asking the board to punish Chrysler, which could possibly lead to a suspension of the store’s business license.

The petition says the dealer operator, Howard Drake, has no significant investment at the Motor Village, LA Chrysler dealership. Under California law, Drake would have to have money at risk to make the operation legal.

Chrysler opened the store in Motor Village as a concept to showcase its brands and test new retail concepts. Chrysler spokesman Ralph Kisiel said in a statement that Chrysler disagrees with the accusation and “looks forward to discussing the matter with the Department of Motor Vehicles.”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News