Look at the bright side: Gas is still cheaper than water, milk, red bull, beer

Gallon to Gallon Comparison
Gallon to Gallon Comparison

People are all up in arms nowadays about the price of gasoline, but a chart by the website Good, tells us that gallon for gallon, gas is one of the cheapest liquids we deal with. The chart draws frivolous comparisons between the gallon price of gasoline and those of Fiji water, Wine, and even nail polish.

While it is a fun little tidbit to put into perspective that one gallon of nail polish costs the same as 250 gallons of gasoline, it is barely comforting. The rate at which we consume gasoline and the way in which we have come to depend on it, are of much greater consequence than almost any other liquid. Cut backs on nail polish, or wine hardly, if at all, have the same effect on lifestyle, particularly mobility, that gasoline does. Access to gasoline effectuates so much more than does any other product in Good’s comparison.

So, while it might be fun brain fodder for 30 or 40 seconds, don’t be one of those people who use these figures to explain why the guy at 7-11 complaining about gas prices is actually wrong and misinformed. Everyone hates those people – even you.

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Gallon to Gallon Comparison:

Gallon to Gallon Comparison

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Peapod.com (via Gizmodo)