UAW says nearly all laid-off Detroit 3 workers are back to work

UAW Workers
UAW Workers

The American auto industry has been steadily climbing uphill since the financial crisis of 2008, and more good news is in; after a few years of hardship and layoffs, the Detroit 3 are almost back to full-employment. UAW VP Joe Ashton said that the final 2,000 hourly workers laid off at GM will be back to work by September.

The return to full employment will be completed by the ramp-up of GM’s Orion Township assembly plant and new shifts at the Flint and Detroit-Hamtramck plants.

Ashton also said that the union would fight in upcoming contract negotiations with GM to find work to restart plants in Spring Hill, Tenn. and Janesville, Wis. It will also fight to keep the Shreveport, La. factory operating, as that is scheduled to close in 2012.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News