Eminem encourages UAW to never give up in video pep talk

Eminem in 'Born from Fire' Commercial
Eminem in 'Born from Fire' Commercial

Eminem seems to be becoming an influential figure in the American auto industry. Following his very successful commercial with Chrysler, ‘Born of Fire,’ Eminem today appeared in an inspirational message to the delegates attending the UAW three-day bargaining convention in Detroit.

In a moving 3-minute video, Eminem told UAW members never to give up.

“You took our country from its infancy into industry,” Eminem said . “Your name still carries with it the idea of a nation built on steel, muscle and sweat.”

He went onto say: “You know that nothing is accomplished without hard work and sacrifice. “You’ve built us, you’ve moved us….sometimes down, but never out.”

The UAW also ended up replaying the Born of Fire commercial by Chrysler, however their version ended with short appearances from Al Icobelli, Chrysler’s vice president of employee relations, and UAW Vice President General Holiefield.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Free Press