Video: Infiniti challenges notion of hybrids with new Infiniti M Hybrid commercial

In a new ad campaign for the Infiniti M Hybrid, the brand challenges the conventional notion of what a hybrid can be, Infiniti takes us on a journey through the history of hybrids, starting over 100 years ago with the invention of the first hybrid car in 1888, to the hybrid patent in 1909, through the hybrids of the ‘70s and on to hybrids today – directly challenging the notion that you can’t have great performance, good looks and great fuel economy.

“The new Infiniti M Hybrid provides the same level of luxury and performance as the rest of our lineup and builds on the strengths Infiniti has always been known for,” said Infiniti Vice President Ben Poore. “Style, luxury and performance will always be the cornerstone of everything Infiniti does.”

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Refresher: The Infiniti M35 Hybrid will be powered by a single electric-motor/twin-clutch arrangement, mated to a naturally aspirated 3.5L V6. The first-clutch is installed between the V6 engine and the electric motor, which Infiniti says allows for a more responsive drive. Infiniti said that the M35 Hybrid, which will carry a lithium-ion battery pack, has the ability to run solely on electric-power under certain driving conditions. Official fuel-economy rating comes in at 27/32 mpg (city/highway).

– By: Omar Rana