Consumer Reports points out 6 models that are worse than their predecessors

2011 Volkswagen Jetta
2011 Volkswagen Jetta

In these days, nothing seems to be built like they used to be. The simple answer is that it’s all about the money. In desperate bids to increase profits and expand into markets to raise volume, much has been sacrificed in the realm of build quality, reliability and handling performance.

This should not be news to anyone as we’ve been forced to adapt to the slow degradation that has been affecting nearly every manufacturer. Some have recognized their faults and are putting solid efforts in to redeeming themselves. Some have completely gone the opposite way. And of course, there are the reasons why cars have become less involving and cheaper than they used to be. But to keep this short and sweet, Consumer Reports just issued a little assessment.

CR found that in models such as the Honda Odyssey, Mercedes-Benz E350, and Toyota Sienna had slightly deviated from the standards that their predecessors have set. Others include the current BMW X5, Toyota 4Runner and the Volkswagen Jetta, all of which have fallen short of their expectations.

Just to give you an idea, Consumer Reports devised a little chart. Check it out after the jump.

Model Current score Previous score Areas in which test score dropped
Volkswagen Jetta SE (2.5) 60 76 Handling, steering, braking, noise, interior fit and finish
Toyota Sienna FWD/AWD 80/79 93/89 Steering, road noise, interior fit and finish
Toyota 4Runner 55 66 Ride control, handling, noise, driving position, front access, interior fit and finish
BMW X5 3.0 67 77 Controls, shifter, visibility
Mercedes-Benz E350 79 88 Steering, ride, fuel economy
Honda Odyssey 83 91 Handling, braking, cargo area

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Consumer Reports