Smart Discoball: A one-off electric-car inspired by Saturday Night Fever

Smart Discoball
Smart Discoball

I’m sure a good amount of you will remember the disco years, because I sure as hell don’t…simply because I wasn’t even born yet. But don’t worry, disco has yet to find itself left in the pages of history permanently because, well, DISCO IS BACK BABY! *cue the John Travolta scene from Saturday Night Fever*

Ok, maybe not in the form of bellbottoms and afros that are so big that only the classic everyday American gargantuan sedans of the past were able to fit such a pronounced hairdo…but in the form of a Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. DISCO INFERNO!

The one-off electric Smart was designed to be inspired by the 1970s disco era and of course the famed Travolta film. Obviously, the NHTSA would not allow such a car to enter production simply because every time it would drive down your street, anyone who wasn’t already blind would lose their eyesight permanently. I nearly even lost my own by looking at the picture showcasing the ForTwo, which is accompanied by a group of individuals donning gas masks and shiny spacesuits…ish. And that might be a hard for those observers in Japan, particularly in light of the recent nuclear power plant disasters…Anyway…

But the glitzy fab version was designed by Apparatjik for the use in a new film featuring “world-famous musicians,” Pixel City.

So don’t cue up the BeeGees and cue up the Daft Punk!

Smart Discoball:

Smart Discoball Smart Discoball Smart Discoball

– By: Chris Chin

Source: InsideLine