Renault says it wrongfully accused three execs

Renault/Nissan CEO - Carlos Ghosn
Renault/Nissan CEO - Carlos Ghosn

We recently reported that three execs were dismissed from Renault SA after being accused of spying. The company has announced today that it wrongfully dismissed the three executives after it was determined by French prosecutors that no substance was found, in a complaint filed last week by the company towards its former employees.

A probe into Swiss and Liechtenstein banks has confirmed that none of the men involved, had bank accounts in those countries. CEO Carlos Ghosen and COO Patrick Pelata are planning to meet with executives to review a compensation plan for damage done to the their reputation.

Analysts are offering mixed reviews as to the indispensability of Ghosen and Pelata. Many more however, seem to think Michael Pelata is a replaceable figure at the company, while Ghosen seems to draw more support.

“Ghosn is today the only real cement holding the alliance together,” said the analyst.

-By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News