Bentley, Lamborghini continue to post record poor performances for VW

VW has certainly been enjoying record sales and profits as of late, but all is not well. Bentley, Seat, and Lamborghini, all brands of German automaker, are continually posting record poor performances. VW said at its annual investor’s conference today, that 2010 was ‘the most successful year’ in its history, having sold 7.2 million units and realizing an operating profit of 7.1 billion euros.

Bentley saw a widening operating loss last year, having lost a total of 245 million euros in operation, despite a rise in units sold to 5,117. Seat, a Spanish subsidiary of the company, had a slight recover, as it narrowed its operating loss to 311 million euros, and saw a .08% increase in sales. It is unclear how much Lamborghini lost, but sales fell 14 percent to 1,302 units, and revenues fell by 10 million euros to 271 million.

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CEO Martin Winterkorn remains upbeat however, as he says the company can always count on Audi and VW, as well as its Czech subsidiary Skoda for solid, productive numbers. He is optimistic about Seat, Lambo, and Bentley individually, however.

By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News