Renault paid for information that led to electric-vehicle spying complaint

Renault Zoe ZE
Renault Zoe ZE

Renault paid 250,000 euros for information that sparked a probe into suspected industrial espionage, according to its lawyer.  Executives aren’t aware of the identity of the informant, but three execs were fired, and the company wants its two security managers – the only people aware of the identity of the informant – to give details to French authorities.

“Renault does not know the identity of the informant,” Attorney Jean Reinhart said. “We have asked our two security managers, who are the only ones who know, to give this person’s name and address to the investigators.”

The case has strained relations between Renault and the French government, after authorities accused the company of not notifying it of its suspicions soon enough.  The three fired executives maintain their innocence and have initiated legal action against Renault.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News