Mercedes-Benz planning baby CLS four-door-coupe

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept
Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept

Building on the success of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, the German automaker is planning a smaller version of the four-door-coupe. The new model is expected to be inspired by the new Mercedes-Benz CLS and the F800 Concept, seen at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

Based on Mercedes’ new front-wheel-drive MFA platform, which will also be used for the next-generation A and B-Class, the model is expected to attract younger buyers to the brand.

Fitting under the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, power for the smaller CLS will come from a choice of 1.4 and 1.8L turbocharged gasoline engines by Renault. The French automakers will also supply a 1.6L diesel, while Mercedes-Benz also plans on using its own 2.0L gasoline and 2.2L diesel in the range.

The new model is expected to arrive some time in 2014.

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoExpress