Detroit City Council honors Chrysler for Super Bowl XLV commercial

Eminem in 'Born from Fire' Commercial
Eminem in 'Born from Fire' Commercial

Chrysler’s ‘Born from Fire’ commercial featuring the Chrysler 200 and Eminem has done wonders for the company. Today, the Detroit City Council honored Chrysler for its popular ad about the city during Super Bowl XLV.

The Detroit City Council said that the 2-minute commercial elevated the city’s image nationwide.

“It is our duty as council to acknowledge those who make it a priority to uplift Detroit,” said Andre’ L. Spivey. “Chrysler has helped to paint a positive portrayal of our beloved city on a national level by filming the entire commercial inside the city of Detroit and showcasing all of our great landmarks.”

“In those two minutes, the world saw more than a car, more than a hip hop star,” said Olivier Francois, president and CEO of Chrysler Brand. . “They saw the spirit of Detroit.”

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit Free Press