CNBC points out America’s worst speed traps

Speed Trap SignBeing pulled over by a cop lying in wait just plain sucks, and can certainly make you feel defeated. Given the state of the economy as of late, there are more speed traps set than ever, with some cities outnumbering others. The advent of automated traffic cams have made it even worse for consumers, allowing police departments to nab more motorists with less manpower. This information is difficult however to obtain from authorities, as they generally like to keep hush the amounts that they pull in from traffic ticket revenue.

“Speed limits are supposed to be based on factual studies of traffic and what the majority of motorists deem as a safe speed,” said Chad Dornsife, director of the Highway Safety Group . “Now, the posted limit has become a revenue generator—not a safety device.”

“In some places, the average speed limit is set 10 to 15 miles below the actual safe speed for conditions,” Dornsife said. “It makes technical violators out of people otherwise driving safely.”

The 10 worst cities in America for speed traps in reverse order are; LA, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Denver, Jacksonville, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Austin, and Houston.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Yahoo