Toyota will outline long term management plans on March 9


On March 9th, Toyota president Akio Toyoda will announce the company’s management’s vision for the company that bears his family name (sort of) over the next decade, as it puts its worst ever safety crisis behind it. Officials could not provide any insight as to the nature of the plan, and probably won’t until the announcement by Toyoda.

In 2007, then president Katsuaki Watanabe outlined a general direction for the manufacturer under Toyota Global Vision 2020, which included the spread of hybrid technology to all models, and the commercialization of Toyota’s humanoid robot business. Also included was the implementation and scaling of its next-gen manufacturing technology, which was launched last week in a new factory of the Toyota subsidiary Central Motor.

There is much anticipation about what Toyoda might say, and the Nikkei business daily reported last month that a possible reduction in the number of directors is coming, thus effectuating faster decisions top help with global competition concerns.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News