Mr. Peanuts new car may drive you nuts

Mr. Peanut Car
Mr. Peanut Car

In PR campaign akin to the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, Planter’s peanuts has outfitted its beloved mascot with his very own ‘Nutmobile’. The Nutmobile will make appearances around the country to draw support for The Corps Network, a conservation agency that offers to over 30,000 youngsters the chance to mobilize communities in projects that restore and maintain green spaces. Last year the agency offered 21.3 million hours of national service.

The truck appears as a large peanut in the shell, but underneath is based on a 2011 Isuzu NPR diesel truck, fitted with solar panels, and a wind turbine connected to a bank of batteries. The truck has also been equipped to accept 5% biodiesel.

The alternative energy system will ensure that two hours of driving will generate enough electricity for a one hour publicity stop. Also lending to the whole environmentally friendly theme, is the fact that the truck is constructed mostly of recycled materials.

Mr Peanut Car:

Mr. Peanut Car

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Wired