Report: Automakers building more cars for fatter Americans

2011 Honda Odyssey
2011 Honda Odyssey

Yes, it’s a fact that Americans’ tend to be bigger around the waistline than other citizens of other countries, but what about the cars?

“The auto industry tends to give customers what they say they want,” said Sage Marie, manager of Honda product planning. “But there is no overt policy. Cars are getting bigger, with more hip, elbow and shoulder room as time goes on, but that’s not a function of overtly targeting the marketing requirements of extra-large people.”

Marie said that each year, Honda holds a research group asking new car buyers what they want in new vehicles.”As the data comes back, we’re finding that people say, ‘We want more space,'” he said. “That’s a function of people being larger in general. I don’t think there is anything in the studies that says, ‘Please list your weight.’ Customers are asking for more room.”

The 2011 Honda Accord and Honda Odyssey were voted the top two best vehicles for larger drivers by Consumer Reports, with the Hyundai Azera coming in third place.

We’re guessing larger Americans could care less about compact cars and sports bucket seats

– By: Omar Rana

Source: USAToday