GM, Chrysler won’t show up for 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Ford’s decision pending

2011 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Vertrek Concept
2011 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Vertrek Concept

Genreal Motors and Chrysler Group LLC have both decided to sit out at this December’s 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, skipping the major show for a second straight time. FoMoCo is expected to make its decision by the end of the month.

The response from GM and Chrysler comes after all three Detroit’s Big 3 skipped the show in 2009 despite Japan’s efforts to attract reluctant foreign automakers.

While the registration deadline was last Nov.,┬áthe Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, the show’s organizer, plans to announce a final roster of attendees in April.

JAMA said that European brands including major German brands have signed up for this year – however, U.S. automakers are still a tougher sell.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News