Chrysler ‘Imported from Detroit’ t-shirt sells out in just hours

Chrysler 'Imported from Detroit' t-shirt
Chrysler 'Imported from Detroit' t-shirt out of stock

As announced earlier this week, Chrysler has started selling merchandise with its new ‘Imported from Detroit’ slogan. First on the list of many things to come were the ‘Imported From Detroit’ t-shirts selling for $29.95 a piece. If you were looking to get one, we regret to inform you that all have sold out within just hours of launching.

“I can’t say how many sold,” Dianna Gutierrez, Chrysler spokesperson told InsideLine in an e-mail. “New designs will be available shortly.”

Chrysler’s currently shows that all ‘Imported from Detroit’ t-shirts are out of stock.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Inside Line