Apple iPhone Anti-Sleep Pilot app keeps you awake while driving

Anti-Sleep Apple iPhone App
Anti-Sleep Apple iPhone App

Falling asleep behind the wheel is just as dangerous as texting or drinking while driving, yet many, if not all, of us have nodded out for a split second at one point or another. While some manufacturers are offering systems to combat this, they are generally only available in luxury vehicles.

A new iPhone app could help bring a similar solution to the masses. The app, called Anti Sleep Pilot, helps you calculate fatigue levels and helps keep you awake, or reminds you that its time to pull off the road and rest up a bit. The app uses the phone’s GPS and accelerometer to detect dangerous fatigue levels, and prompts the user to complete simple tasks, such as pushing a button on the screen, to maintain alertness. When it is determined that fatigue is at a dangerous level, it will audibly and visibly alert the driver to pull over.

The app is priced at $20, and currently only works with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Anti-SleepKicking Tires