Poll: Study finds majority rear-seat passengers don’t buckle up, do you?

2011 Ford Explorer - Back Seat
2011 Ford Explorer - Back Seat

We’re not going to lie, most of us here at egmCarTech don’t really throw on a seat belt when sitting in the back seat. A new study by LeaseTrader.com found the we’re not alone – a majority of U.S. citizens still don’t buckle up when sitting in the back.

Polling more than 1,000 men and women throughout the country, LeaseTrader.com found that most of those questioned sat in the back seat of a vehicle at least 25 times in 2010. Among states that have rear-seat restraint law (including Texas, Wash., Minn., Calif), men said they wore seat belts just 14.3 percent of the time, while women said they wore one 18.4 percent of the time. For states that do not have a law in place (Ill., Ariz., Tenn., Neb., Penn.), the percentage fell to 9.6 percent for men and 16.3 percent for women. In comparison, the same people surveyed said they wear a seat belt while in the front seat 75.2 percent of the time.

“What’s most disturbing is that in this day and age of always-on news coverage and awareness, there is no excuse why more people aren’t wearing seat belts in all parts of the vehicle,” said Sergio Stiberman, CEO and founder of LeaseTrader.com. “Whether it’s the local television news or an online news source, we see daily images and stories of people getting hurt while driving or riding in a vehicle which should serve as a remainder of why it’s important to buckle up.”

The survey also found that the the driver did not remind back seat passengers to buckle up roughly 75 percent of the time.

So how about you? Do you buckle up when sitting in the back-seat? Let us know in the poll below.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: LeaseTrader.com