Man charged with lying to police about stolen car so OnStar could locate it for him

OnStar Command Center
OnStar Command Center

An Alabama man is accused of lying to the police that his vehicle was stolen so that OnStar could locate it with its GPS technology, authorities said. Police say that 51-year-old Gene Patrick Finley has been charged with false reporting to a police officer.

Finley called police on Feb. 4 and reported a stolen car from Glass’s Cocktail N Grill in Decatur. He then proceeded to call OnStar to have the vehicle located – when the vehicle was found, there were four people inside. What’s going on?

Apparently Finley allowed someone to borrow his car but then reported it stolen so OnStar could locate the vehicle. This Finley guy is pretty crazy.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News