Get your Chrysler ‘Imported from Detroit’ T-shirt for $29.95

Chrysler - 'Imported from Detroit' T-Shirt
Chrysler - 'Imported from Detroit' T-Shirt

There is no doubt that Chrysler Group LLC’s ‘Imported from Detroit’ campaign got off to a huge start with its ‘Born from Fire’ ad spot at Super Bowl XLV. The commercial featuring Eminem has gathered a lot of interest in the automotive market.

Chrysler is now capitalizing on the hype and has decided to start selling merchandise with the new ‘Imported from Detroit’ slogan.

So far, the Chrysler website is selling the ‘Imported from Detroit’ T-Shirt for $29.95 – more merchandise will follow soon.

Check it out over at:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Chrysler