2011 Geneva Preview: Toyota iQ EV prototype gets 65 miles on full charge

Toyota iQ EV Prototype
Toyota iQ EV Prototype

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the world’s largest automotive shows and this year it will continue to carry that reputation. Toyota has added the iQ EV prototype to the list of long debuts for the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

“Based on the current iQ model, the EV prototype represents Toyota’s long-term vision for short-range, sustainable mobility and demonstrates the adaptability of Hybrid Synergy Drive technology for a range of alternative power systems,” Toyota said.” The vehicle successfully integrates an all-electric powertrain within the iQ package, maintaining the car’s essential urban-friendly agility with zero tailpipe emissions and easy, silent electric running.”

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Fuel comes from a flat and compact lithium-ion battery that sits beneath the vehicle floor. On a full charge, the Toyota iQ EV can travel a range of up to 65 miles.

Testing of the Toyota iQ EV prototype will start in Europe this year with a potential market introduction through a lease program in 2012. Toyota has already announced plans to bring the car to the U.S. market.

Toyota iQ EV Prototype:

– By: Omar Rana