Dodge cross-hair grille will be dropped, Ram keeps it

2011 Dodge Charger SRT8
2011 Dodge Charger SRT8

Dodge vehicles will eventually get rid of the split cross-hair grille now that Ram has become a separate brand. The cross-hair grille will remain a key styling part of Ram pickups only.

“It takes time. We will evolve the products,” Ralph Gilles, CEO of the Dodge brand and Chrysler Group’s chief designer. He said that the Dodge brand is “going a different way.”

“We did as much as we could with the split cross-hair grille,” he said. “We had to be careful because the cooling work was pretty much done when we decided to rebrand the vehicles. That will continue evolving over time.”

Gilles declined to provide insight on the styling direction for the Dodge brand.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News