Subaru Trezia: A Subaru with no AWD that is ‘inappropriate for the Americans’

Subaru Trezia

Ok, here we have a Subaru with no AWD or no flat-four engine…wait, what? To us, that’s like sex without penetration, which is why Subaru said themselves that it’s ‘inappropriate for the American market.’

So what is it? It’s a Toyota derived hatchback—s Verso to be exact—that is being rebadged as the Subaru Trezia for the Japanese, Far East and mainland European markets. No Trezia for the Brits either.

Well, why is Subaru making it so exclusive? Because they’ve been having a great amount of success in the US of A, Subaru wants to expand worldwide by offering very basic vehicles for the basic markets.

Despite not having AWD and a boxer engine, the US and UK are almost missing out on what’s seemingly a hatch that matches the dynamics of the Honda Fit, plus some extra room. Engines offered are 1.3 and 1.5-liter gas four-bangers or a 1.4 diesel for Europe.

2011 Subaru Trezia:

– By: Chris Chin