G-Power Hurricane RS BMW M5 Touring hits 224 mph

G-Power Hurricane RS BMW M5 Touring
G-Power Hurricane RS BMW M5 Touring

G-Power loved working with BMWs, as we’ve just seen their newest efforts with the E92 M3 GTS. But they don’t stop!

Their first rendition of the M5 resulted in the M5 Hurricane RS back in 2008, which topped out at a whopping 228.4 mph with 750 bhp, making it the “fastest sedan in the world.” A company specializing in Mercedes-Benzes obviously decided to retaliate: BRABUS introduced the CLS-based V12 BRABUS Rocket.

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But G-Power is back with the Hurricane RS that’s based off of the M5 Touring. Equipped with twin superchargers just like its sister sedan, the Touring is good for 224, possibly making it the world’s fasted Touring Estate.

So if you want to confuse the mind out of people by eating Ferraris and Lamborghinis in a humdrum mumsy station wagon, this is your car! Man, we love sleepers.

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G-Power Hurricane RS BMW M5 Touring:

– By: Chris Chin